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Advisory Board Constitution

Advisory Body

The HRO provides for the formulation of an Advisory Body. This is made up of representatives from the various bodies and organisations using, operating within, or having an interest in Newport Harbour.

A wide range of organisations were contacted by the Commissioners inviting them to nominate one person each to become a member of the Advisory Body

The following are the organisations and their nominees on the Advisory Body:

Chairman:      Andrew Hemmings


Mike Beale – Liberty Steel
R Smith – Newport Sea Scouts
Nigel Taylor - RYA Wales
Andy Jones - Tarmac
Noel Challenger – T U Agencies
Ron Van De Meer – Isca Boat Club
Bob Breen – Severn Sands
John Price – Individual
Anna Kington – Tata Steel
Charles Dowds – W.E. Dowds
Lucy Taylor – ASERA

The proceedings of the Advisory Body are conducted in accordance with paragraph 12 of the HRO. Subject to the provisions of the Order, the Advisory Body has appointed its own Chairman and determined its own quorum and procedures.

The Commissioners have made arrangements for the Clerk to the Commissioners, or in his or her absence, one of its other officers to provide the following administrative support:-

A person who is a Commissioner shall not be appointed to the Advisory Body. Any Commissioner may, at the request of the Chairman or in his absence the Vice Chairman of the Advisory Body, attend a meeting of the Advisory Body in order to make a statement by way of explanation or to answer members questions, but shall not otherwise speak or vote on the matters under discussion.

The inaugural meeting of the Advisory Body took place on 12 January 2004 with two further meetings held that year. The Advisory Body will not normally meet not less than twice in a year.